Osterveg will take part in the X international slovak folk-metal fest "Noč Besaŭ - Pamiać i Pryznačennie". Watch for more information! "Noč Besaŭ"

After a brief silence, caused by certain moments in the life of the participants, the band went back to active work and is now in the stage of a new full-length material. Follow the news!

Osterweg will participate in the XV anniversary Lithuanian festival Kilkim Žaibu. We are waiting for your support! Kilkim Žaibu

Сrivia Records presents a new release - a debute album of the Belorussian project OSTERWEG. The musics is for those who like the sound of drums, pipes and agonal enemy screams. This is the real crivian folk music, aggressive and cold as wedge steel. There are 10 tracks on the CD. There is a cover version of "Chjiodaŭ Płač" by Varg Vikernes. It is a new definition of the medieval "death dancing" (Skoki Śmierci) and a new version of the main neofolk anthem Wir Rufen Deine Wolfe, recorded together with the famous Mogilev project PRAGNAVIT. The album was mastered by Danatas Belkauskas(DONIS). The release is a foil-pressed Digi Sleeve. It is available in three variants: cardboard, red and black plus a poster with the lyrics, a cd and two multi- coloured postcards. Stigmata ©

We are glad to welcome everyone on the site of the Belorussian ambient folk project Osterweg. Listen, read and feel!

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